A Different Childhood

In 2007 I packed my bags, borrowed a camera from my university and headed off to Ukraine to make a documentary.

Children, living underground and in family groups, were making their way on the streets of Kiev.

Ten years later the story is bigger than I ever thought it would be and it needs to be told.  Through various factors out of my control the production was put on hold soon after our trip home.  Ten years it has been.  The footage sits waiting to be translated and the children we photographed are grown and have children of their own.  The thing is, there are more children behind them and more after that.

All over the world, children are living in the streets.

So while we are striving to raise our kids to love the outdoors and find a spirit of adventure, there are so many others that are lost without a family.

This is a shameless plug for support.  In this visual world we live in, unless something is seen, it doesn’t exist.  A story, if told well, can change the world.  It’s happened before and it can happen again.

I need your help.

After ten years of waiting, the time is now.  Life can take an abundant series of twists and turns, but if something is important enough, you will always return to it.

The first step is to translate the footage.  I’ve got hours and hours of footage in two different languages full of local street slang.  That type of translation is not an easy task.  Many friends have offered their time to us, only to find that the video format is too challenging.  Utilizing professional translators is our only option at this point.

It is painful to me to think that it has been ten years since we set out to make this film, but the distance of time now works to our advantage.  There are follow-ups that need to be made.  I need to go back to Ukraine.  Plane tickets, gear, lodging, food and the undying support of my family will all be required.

If I can be honest, I’m scared.  This will be the biggest undertaking I’ve ever ventured into.  I owe it to these kids to complete it.

Their stories need to be told.

Please join me in supporting this documentary.  For more information please see our GoFundMe page.  If you have any questions or ideas about this project I’d love to chat.  With your help we can make a difference.

Don’t care about the documentary?  What about the kids?  Feel free to give to one of these reputable charities working directly with children living on the streets all over the world and in the United States.


Thank you.